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Economic anxiety and Mideast worries: Why Iran protesters hit the streets

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani championed a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015 to curb Iran's nuclear programme in return for the lifting of most international sanctions. However, Iranians have yet to see any benefits. Unemployment stood at 12.4 percent in this fiscal year, according to the Statistical Centre of Iran, up 1.4 points from…

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Hague court ‘could not prevent’ suicide

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSlobodan Praljak drank a small vial of liquid after his prison sentence was upheldThe UN court in the Hague says it could not have prevented a war criminal from taking poison and killing himself. Gambian judge Hassan Jallow said that without specific intelligence, no measures would have…

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A Conspiracy Theorist Who Believes In The Pizzagate Hoax Came At Chrissy Teigen And She Had None Of It

Saturday evening, a Twitter user promoting the long-disproved "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory posted a thread accusing model–chef–Twitter star Chrissy Teigen of being a member of the non-existent celebrity pedophile ring supposedly run out of the basement of a pizza parlor. In the tweet, which has since been deleted, the user, @LizCrokin, posted photos of Teigen's infant…

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17 Ways To Get Rid Of That Weird Smell In Your Home

"I think the real issue is that lots of people don't use their vent hoods as much as they should, or have shitty ones. Some people's houses I go to always smell like food even though they haven't been cooking because they never suck out odors and stuff after/during cooking. If getting better hardware (better…

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This Is What Anxiety Looks Like

"I have social anxiety, which I chose to represent through a general illustration of basic symptoms. The words that create the body in the center say 'judgement, watching me, can't breathe, anxiety, fear, I'm drowning, help me, and too much'." —faithm40abe33e2

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